About the Author: Gary N. Curtis

I have a doctoral degree in philosophy from Indiana University in Bloomington (IUB), where I majored in logic. My dissertation concerned the concept of logical form, and touched on the subject of formal fallacies. I have taught philosophy and logic at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at IUB, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI)—known affectionately as "Ooey-Pooey"—and Indiana State University (ISU). For five years, I worked as a knowledge engineer for the artificial intelligence company Cycorp, in Austin, Texas. More recently, I've done consulting work for an online critical thinking textbook, a television show that never aired, and an online course in basic logic for the Highbrow company. My pronouns are "who?" and "hey, you!"

Comments and suggestions on these files are welcome. I am particularly interested in real-life examples of fallacious arguments drawn from the media, and will consider for inclusion fallacies that are not yet listed in the files. If you know of any external resources that these files should link to, please let me know of them. All suggestions or submissions that I use will be duly acknowledged. I will assume that all email is intended for publication, unless notified to the contrary. If you wish to have your name withheld, please inform me to that effect in the email.

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